[1.11/1.10.2/1.9.4/1.7.2] Chocapic13 Shaders Mod

Download Chocapic13 Shaders Mod for Minecraft

Chocapic13’s Shaders mod is unique among shaders because it isn’t a standalone shader pack.

Chocapic13 Shaders Mod comes with several beta versions to browse as well as 5 different levels of the finished mod; Extreme, Ultra, High, Medium and Low. Each step up takes more GPU and CPU power to render correctly, with choppiness if your computer can’t handle it, so keep that in mind.

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How To Install The Chocapic13 Shaders Mod For Minecraft?

Before starting to install Chocapic13 shaders mod, you should make sure that your graphic card has the latest drivers installed. To do this, you need to know what graphic card you have and visit the manufacturer’s website. There should be a graphic card driver check tool on the website. If you are missing any drivers, make sure to install them before trying to install any graphic mods for Minecraft.
Before downloading Chocapic13 shadersmod, you will need to download and install both Optifine HD, and GLSL Shaders mod. After both mods are installed and are running correctly, you can download the Chocapic13 shader mod. Then move the zip folder into the minecraft.jar files for the version of Minecraft that you are running. You will then need to move the “TP” folder in to the texture pack folder, and turn on custom colors in the optifine settings.
You will need to adjust your settings to the shaders that you want to have in game. You should open Minecraft to make sure that the Chocapic13 shaders mod is running and that your settings are being saved. Once you have the Chocapic13 shaders mod installed, you will need to adjust your in-game setting to limit the frame drops.
Download Link: Chocapic13 Shaders Mod


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